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The Benefits of Having a Drain CCTV Survey Done!


cctv survey                    CCTV Survey

When was the last time you had a drain CCTV survey done? Drain CCTV surveys now utilise the latest technology so that drain and sewer inspections can be done to the highest possible level. So what are the benefits to having a CCTV survey?

Disruption is Minimal

Drain CCTV surveys are generated by mobile units. This ultimately means that you have little to no disruption and you can also get a full technical support as well. The clarity of CCTV footage is unlike anything that you will have ever seen before and it is ideal at identifying any potential problems that could even cause drain blockages in the future. CCTV also helps you to identify cracks, silt, debris and more. Disruption is minimal and you can get the whole thing done within the hour.

Cockroach and Rodent Detection Capabilities

So as you can see, a drain survey can help you to identify any blockages with ease and it is also a great way for you to make sure that you are fully aware of the condition of your drains and even if there are any potential problems that could occur in the future. But did you also know that CCTV surveys can help you to identify displaced joints and rodents as well? Displaced joints, no matter how small the gap is, mean that cockroaches and pests can enter cavities and voids. They can even enter your building as well. CCTV surveys can help you to identify these entry points while also letting you know if you need to have a CIPR patch done to try and eliminate the problem.

Of course, CCTV can also help you to know if you need to have your drains repaired, unblocked, cleaned or even if you need to have the lining replaced. It is essentially to have a full diagnostic service if you know that there is something wrong, but they can also help to prevent problems in the future as well.

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