How A Blocked Drain Can Cause Damp In Your Home


Damp is a very worrying site, often making you feel uncomfortable and leave you worried for days. We’ve all heard the little rumours about how destructive damp can be to your home especially in old Victorian homes and homes in close proximity. However, let us tell you this is not a rumour. Damp can be extremely damaging to your home and often is caused by a blocked drain.

Within the UK there is a growing issue in the rise of damp in properties, more commonly in old terrace houses and semi-detached homes which often do not have any damp proof cause (DPC) previously installed.

Drain Jetting Services has seen a lot of damp coming from blocked or seriously damaged drainage systems which have been the main cause of damp within the home. Traditionally, any damp that is rising from the moisture in the ground is sucked up by small tubes placed within the brickwork of the property. This then leaves your internal walls wet and a small unpleased patch on your walls, which isn’t nice and can cause long term damage if left alone.

Drains are designed to be watertight but like almost every product out there drains have a limited life expectancy. Serious damage to any drainage system such as wear and tear, weather damage or unexpected shock to the drainage system and a blocked drain, even a small one can cause a burst or a crack. The drainage system can need fully replacing if there is a problem that cannot be repaired. The blockage can mean water can seep through the cracks making them larger over time.

The cause of this damage can lead to damp, as the drainpipe can leak water onto your walls and floors of your home. Guaranteed to produce a wet area that can turn into mould causing long term damage if left not treated, common in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whenever you believe to have a problem with your drainage system it is critical to consult a professional, as this will help to make sure a job is done correctly and not damage way beyond repair. An expert pair of eyes will be able to look at a broken drain and see what the issue is, with our state of the art CCTV surveys able to go places we can’t. We can then find a solution to the problem that is at hand and develop a plan to get your drainage system back in working order.

If you do notice that you have a rise in damp within your home or problems with your drainage systems. Experienced drainage experts are your best point of call so do not panic just call Drain Jetting Services. We will be able to catch any potentially damaged drains early and help prevent and long-standing damage to your home and importantly your wallet. Once we know how we can help we will present you with a no-obligation quote.

So please, do get in contact with us today and we will assist you in all your drainage system needs.


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