Spring Time & Our Drains


As our stormy wintery months are over, with the increase in heavy rain and high winds as well as an increase in debris. It is a critical time to check your drains are in good working order and haven’t been a victim of any damage or blockages during this time. As we begin to spring clean our homes, inspecting and maintenance of drains can ensure that issues are not left to escalate causing any larger problems later down the line.

Spot checking your drains for any signs of damage is crucial as well as checking everything is running well. During this time if you notice any unusual smells or your sinks beginning to drain more slowly than usual, or if there are any noises through the outlets or pipes. These issues can be an indication of an issue in your drains. Many homes suffer from some drainage issues during this time and it is important to not ignore the warning signs.

As we begin to enjoy the lighter days and warmer air, the latter can make any blockages increase in smell making bacteria easier to spread. The drainage areas can very quickly become a breeding ground for germs. These problems need to be cleared up as soon as possible. Especially important to be done before the summer heat.

As spring comes and everything around us begins to grow and bloom. It is an optimal time for tree roots to disrupt drains and create small cracks. Unless you have a very modern drainage system with a root barrier or lining, small tree roots can filter their way in and with the increase in a warm environment tree roots grow quickly.

Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of drainage blockages. If left unmanaged they can cause long term damage and cause blockages. Removing an established root can be an issue that if not done professional then can cause more problems. The removal of a root issue is a complex and timely job, so make sure you seek advice early to see if you’re experiencing any tree-related drainage issues. Through the use of CCTV cameras, we are able to establish any root issues and see the damage. From this area, we’re able to determine a solution, as well as offer advice to prevent this from returning.

If you suspect you have damage and need help with the removal. Then Drain Jetting Services are able to help assist and guide you with the removal of tree roots as well as replacing and damaged pipes.



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