The Rise Of Warm Weather Affecting Your Drains


As the months get even hotter and summer 2020 begins your drainage system can start to become affected. As we’re enjoying the hot weather you might not think about drain problems and may just possibly think about the flooding that can arise when large amounts of rainfall fill the sky very quickly. Hot weather can cause problems and serious drainage damage.

We may have had some wet summers previously but it always comes with a large number of heatwaves, starting earlier and earlier each year. As global warming rises and the earth gets hotter we will become more increasingly aware of the issues we will be facing.

Many drainage pipes will be made of plastic, piping is often exposed to the outdoor weather and in hot weather can cause them to fracture then crack. Long spells of UV light can cause the plastic to become brittle then finally split or crack. But it’s not just plastic pipes that can be affected. If the ground gets too dry it can crack and fracture which will put a strain on drainage pipes under the surface. In very rare cases tarmac surfaces can melt, meaning underground pipes could be damaged.

Although, it is not directly related there is some evidence that extreme heat can also cause damage to a building itself and even lead to subsidence. It’s not common but it can have a knock-on effect on drains and pipework.

Sadly, there is very little you can do to help with the heat causing issues with pipes to crack or subsidence. It is something you need to keep an eye on as a homeowner. Trying to keep your external pipes cool is simply a waste of time and energy. However, some good news to this is that if you are worried about your drainage system during this then simply give us a call and we can investigate the problem. And with the great dry weather, we’re able to get started almost straight away.
You can help to prevent blocked drains in the summer storms and as autumn eventually comes along is to keep your blocked drains clear. Although it might not seem as important in the summer it’s vital to do this to make sure you help when the rain comes. Keep an eye on your drains and clear them out whenever you can!

If you’re ever concerned then please get in touch with us!

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