Autumn Leaves & The Problems


With autumn upon us, the leaves are falling fast and the hot weather has been replaced by wind and rain, which can bring a number of challenges to your drainage system. Whilst the orangey-red leaves can be beautiful to look at, as they fall, if they are not blown away they inevitably end up being washed into your drains or gutters, clogging them up and creating blockages.

If your drains are clogged or blocked, over time you will begin to get cracked pipes and larger plumbing issues, which can be a great inconvenience to deal with as the weather gets colder.

Luckily there are a number of ways you can prevent the likelihood of these issues arising.

If you have trees in or around your garden, raking your garden regularly and disposing of the leaves in a compost or recycling bin will help alleviate some of the potential issues autumn can cause. Although it is unlikely you will be able to catch all the leaves which fall, the fewer leaves on the ground, the less there is to create blockages.

Once some of the leaves have been raked up, the next line of defense in protecting your drains comes from preventing leaves getting into the drains themselves in the first place, through the use of drain guards. Drain guards act almost like a filter, allowing water and smaller debris to pass through, but preventing larger objects from doing so.

However, unfortunately, regardless of how much raking you do in your garden, or if you have drain guards, with such a significant amount of debris at this time of year, some will always find a way of getting into your drain pipes.

Most domestic piping and drainage systems are not designed to cope with debris, which over time can build up if not properly managed and maintained. Investing in a regular drain jetting service will not only disperse any internal clogs building up, but it will also push any debris in the pipes away from your home, towards the main sewage systems.

By preventing blocked drains, drain jetting is very cost-effective, however ultimately needs to be left down to trained professionals to do safely and without causing damage to your pipes.

The professionals at Drain Jetting Services remove blockages by sending high psi jets of water through the drain pipes to clear blockages and send the debris into the sewage system. The drain jetting systems used can also unblock a variety of size and shape pipes, which standard equipment may not be able to overcome.

The process of drain unblocking can be a lengthy and complex one, but at this time of year more than ever, it is important to keep your drains in good working order. Trust in the professionals to get the job done effectively and give yourself peace of mind that your drains are working as they should as the colder weather approaches.

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