Does My Insurance Cover My Drain Repair?


If you’ve identified a drainage issue and have already attempted a dodgy DIY job then you require one of our trusted expert professionals to inspect the problem. Drain Jetting Services is able to offer the best advice and help to solve an issue that you are having with your drains.

Once our professional experts arrive if required will carry out an extensive CCTV survey of your drainage systems. This involves us putting a pinhole camera into your drainage system enabling us to see into every inch of piping leading in and out of your property and the areas surrounding it. This will then present back to us a report outlining any potential problems and blockages. We will then come up with a comprehensive report on how we can begin to resolve this issue.

Can I claim on my home or business insurance?

Most home insurance companies now include plumbing and drainage faults as part of their policies now. If your home insurance covers this on your home or company premises it will usually fall under accidental damage. Drain Jetting Services is able to assist you with completing comprehensive reports that can help with your claim. If you need this report or extra information just let us know.

Once we know you need help to compile a report for your insurance company we will include all the relevant paperwork needed. This can include a quote you can display to your insurance company to be authorised.

Which route you decide to take to help resolve any potential drainage issue, we will support you every step of the way giving you solid peace of mind.  If you do require any of our technicians please get in touch.


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