Jet Washing

With summer 2020 BBQs and family gatherings in full swing, tired aspects of your home can become increasingly more obvious, whether it’s the driveway, patio, paving, or brickwork. While replacing the whole area would be time-consuming and not necessarily affordable, a jet washing service can offer an impressive transformation of your landscape, at a fraction of the cost.
If you have green or black grime on your patio or another surface, it is very likely to be mold, mildew, or moss, which has grown as a result of damp, moist conditions; very common with the rain and humidity experienced in English summers. Whilst removing it using harsh chemicals sold at DIY stores will resolve the issue, it may also destroy the nearby landscape, leaving you with a greater mess than you started with. The jet washing service offered by Drain Jetting Services resolves this issue.
What can be cleaned?
Jet washing can be used to clean a variety of surfaces in different sized spaces and environments, including concrete, tarmac, stone, and block.
How does it work?
The jet washing systems used by Drain Jetting Services are based upon the use of high-pressure water. The high-pressure water flow can be adjusted depending on the surface material, so that is softer on less durable surfaces, which require lower water pressure to clean and are more subject to damage. It increases the longevity and duration for which your hardscape can be enjoyed before needing replacing.
What are the benefits?
  • It’s environmentally friendly- unlike biological cleaning, jet washing does not disperse harmful substances whilst cleaning, or contribute to secondary pollution
  • It’s efficient- jet washing has a very high descaling rate, making it fast and thorough
  • It’s low cost- using pure water to clean means that the cost of jet washing is around almost a third of chemical-based alternatives and unlike other cleaning methods achieves results whilst minimizing water waste to your property or business
  • It works- jet washing can be used to remove dirt, mold, algae, graffiti paint and much more
Although you can purchase a jet washer yourself, they are often expensive and will require a fair amount of time to set up for use and figure out. They can also be difficult to use effectively with a lack of skill and experience and may result in you damaging the surface, or not cleaning it as effectively. By investing in a professional such as Drain Jetting Services, not only do you get a high quality, cost-effective cleaning service, you also get an aesthetically improved home or business, whilst saving yourself time.

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